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P.P.H. EKO-SYSTEM-POLSKA is the manufacturer of devices and materials from PEHD for installing sewerage systems and water pipelines, stacking yards and sewerage treatment plants.


Manufacturing assortment:

  • complete intermediate pumping stations of sanitary sewage and rainwater,
  • horizontal and vertical tanks for various purposes,
  • fittings chambers,
  • sewerage and access wells, 
  • ecologic septic tanks,
  • systems of monitoring and controlling the operation of intermediate pumping stations,
  • control cabinets for intermediate pumping stations,
  • onsite wastewater treatment systems. 


We assemble and deliver:

  • pressure wastewater systems,
  • materials from PVC, PE, PP – for water pipelines, wastewater systems, communal waste dumps, sewerage treatment plants. 


Our Customer are:

  • water pipeline and wastewater system enterprises,
  • plants from chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries,
  • electric power stations,
  • engineering and construction enterprises, 
  • individual customers.


P.P.H. EKO-SYSTEM-POLSKA Has implemented and been using the Quality Management System in the following scope:

  • production of complete sewerage intermediate pumping stations with control automatics,
  • production of tanks and wells from PEHD,
  • production of pipes and pipe fittings from PEHD.