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The basic issue of environment protection in Poland is the problem of wastewater treatment. Strict requirements imposed by Polish and European regulations led to increased demand for facilities related with water and sewage management. Therefore, currently an increasing number of sewerage treatment plants and wastewater systems has been constructed in various systems (gravitation, gravitation and pressure, pressure and negative pressure-based), which results in the construction of an intermediate pumping station.


Basic parameters affecting the choice of the wastewater systems are the following:

  • configuration of land,
  • length of wastewater systems, which is related with the necessity of observing minimum slopes,
  • high level of underground waters,
  • low density of population,
  • unfavourable soil conditions,
  • periodic inflow of sewerage.


Considering the above parameters, increasingly more often gravitation and pressure as well as pressure-based systems are designed. Intermediate pumping stations are used for transporting:

  • sanitary wastewater,
  • rainwater,
  • drainage water.

Pressure system, in comparison to gravitation-based one, has many advantages:

  • reduced diameter of pressure conduits working with the pump in relation to gravitation conduits
  • improvement of oxygen balance of wastewater,
  • high efficiency of pressure system,
  • reduced costs of land works: drainage works (conduits are mounted below the freezing zone).